The therapists

First name and Family name Specialities
Monica ANTUNES Stress reduction programme through ‘Full Conscious’ meditation Learn more
Isabelle ASTOUL Psychological support for families Learn more
Sakina AUBERT PREISWERK Coaching in reconciling cancer & professional career Learn more
Veronica BOSTOCK Laughing yoga classes Learn more
Muriel BOUTHERIN Pilates classes & Pink Pilates Learn more
Caroline BRENOT Coaching in reconciling cancer & professional career Learn more
Deborah BRUN Make-up workshop Learn more
Célia CHARTON Hypnotherapy, sexology & psycho-corporal relaxology Learn more
Graziella CORVINI Shiatsu including bio-tissue osteopathy & energy treatments Learn more
Véronique COTTIER One-to-one art therapy Learn more
Nadine CURRAT Hatha Yoga classes Learn more
Dr. Graziella PACETTI Acupuncture & auriculotherapy Learn more
Amandine GOURMAUD Beauty & skin pigmentation care Learn more
Caroline-Laure GOUSSEAU Homeopathy, acupuncture, bioenergy & psycho-emotional therapies Learn more
Emily HOLLENDER Breast prosthetics & lingerie Learn more
Jessica LEOCATA Nutrution, phyto-therapy, bio-resonance & kinesiology Learn more
Yvan LEURIDAN Fasciatherapy & therapeutic massage Learn more
Caroline MATTHEY-JONAIS Massotherapy, lymphatic drainage & foot reflexology Learn more
Lara MENDES-BACCHETTI Sophrology & coaching Learn more
Aldina MONNAT-LANFRANCHI Hypnosis & bio-resonance Learn more
Nathalie POULET Image advice: morphological study of the face & body Learn more
Cinzia SOTTOVIA Hatha Yoga classes Learn more
Sonia TEDESCO Qi Gong classes Learn more
Murielle VOLO Capilliary prothetics: before, during & after treatment Learn more
Arianne TORNE Psychological support for families Learn more
Noemi LEVY Social assistance Learn more
Nicolas HERRMANN Learn more
Delphine HUG Learn more
Dr. Guillaume FAVRE Learn more
Pierre SCHEIDEGGER Learn more
Maria GONZALEZ Learn more