Nutritionist, phytotherapist, kinesiologist, therapist in bio-resonance who loves nordic walking




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As a doctor's assistant for nearly 10 years, I have always enjoyed listening to patients and had a real desire to do more for them. Alternative medicine has always been part of my life, and so it made sense to offer naturopathy to patients who have difficulties in treating themselves with Western medicine, or find it doesn’t meet their needs.

I am convinced that both alternative and traditional medicine can work together and both have a place in everyone's life. Naturopathy goes further by taking into account the person as a whole and always as an individual.

My philosophy is based on the fact that all extremes are bad and that one must be able to juggle judiciously between both alternative and traditional medicines to recover from a disease. There is no need to use "heavy artillery" when not needed. On the other hand, faced with an emergency, then traditional treatments may be necessary.

My medical training has provided me with the experience to offer my patients the best possible treatment.